Subway Coupons – Giant Dragon Of Savings

There are some truly amazing savings opportunities that you can take advantage of right now through the use of free printable online Subway coupons. They’re a bit hard to come by, however once you’ve been able to filter out all the junky websites to figure out which ones would legitimately give you a discount, you’ll see that it’s quite easy to save.  I had hoped that I could achieve a certain level of savings if I just stuck to a plan of using one free Subway coupon each day.  After about six months my total savings started to really pile up.  The money I saved was all donated to a local charity which helped orphan children learn to read and accomplish menial tasks which they can then translate later in life into a trade of some sort.  I felt this was a fairly important way to give back to the community knowing that so many employees that work at Subway were in fact illiterate orphans.

When I went to use my first Subway coupon I was immediately attacked a giant dragon which was the personified feeling of guilt from not paying full price.  I felt as though I was ripped into the sky by the red dragon’s giant talons only to be dropped several hundred feet in the air landing in a very unclean section of the Gulf of Mexico.  After this series of guilty feeling subsided, I was back in line at Subway ordering which condiments I would like them to place on my delicious six in sandwich.  I would always, and I mean always, use a free Subway coupon no matter what my conscience would try to tell me.  I knew that although I was taking advantage of the restaurant, I was in fact helping the economy by having more discretionary income that I could spend on other things such as blank CD ROM’s and dishwashing detergent.