The Fine Scent for our Teens

Reaching the age of 13 and up is the start where young girls tend to be more conscious of their body, look and smell. They learned in observing proper hygiene in this stage. The puberty level makes one feel at the height of her beauty and enjoying what life is installed on her. It is the beginning of one’s adventure and curiosity of the things surrounding her. This too the time when girls turned out to be the best collector of clothes, shoes, bags, stuff toys, accessories and perfume.

Exploring what’s inside her bags are all for beautification aside from wallets and school supply. This includes a bottle of lady perfume which she regularly wears in campus. There were several brands to choose from which ranges from strong to mild scent. Usually teens prefer on spraying a sweet and mild aroma which brings out flirtatious impact on their character and catches the attention of boys. They love being in the center of attention and be considered as the campus crush. Thus, wearing perfume is their first strategy.

People appreciate young girls who know how to clean themselves. As they are at the top of their elegance, choosing a scent is tedious on their part. They too are considering the body chemistry that will complement with the bottle. Dolce and Gabana in light blue is their top choice. The overpowering fragrance of this bottle is strong to smell but it brings out its mildness when started to spray. The content is more of a fruity like substance. The citrus aroma gives a seductive effect on the character. It lasts longer which holds on deeper in the wardrobe or skin. The bottle exquisite aroma of D & G fascinates the beholder with its sexiness. What makes it salable is that odor emerges out the gorgeousness of a girl into a young lady. It may be too pricey in the wallet but it is worth to spend for. You may also be interested in old lady perfume.