Nikon Scores With The All New D7000

Due to their manufacturing of quality cameras, Nikon has remained a leader in the photographic world. Nikon has a history of providing cutting edge cameras with characteristics such as durability, quality craftsmanship, ease of use to the general public. Their cameras are well known for their breathtaking photographic capabilities, and their newest offer to the world of photography is the Nikon D7000.

Released in September of 2010, this model instantly caught the attention of photographers all over the world. It boasts an outstanding resolution of 16.2 megapixel, and can create quality large prints, which is a feature not many such cameras can claim.

The Nikon D7000 is a favorite of wildlife and sports photographers everywhere, due to its high-speed features. It offers continuous shooting of six frames per second, which lasts for up to one hundred continuations shots. Moving objects and people can be caught on film in perfect resolution. This technology is found within all Nikon camera products.

In previous models, the Nikon SLR and the Nikon DSLR did not offer the video option. However, the Nikon D7000 provides excellent quality video capabilities in brilliant 1080p. This, in combination with an external microphone, makes it possible to create professional quality videos. Whether one is outdoors with his or her children, or in a studio, this camera provides an outstanding high quality video experience.

It is hard for anyone who is serious about photography to go wrong with Nikon. Nikon has proved themselves to be a quality manufacturer of cameras and video equipment, and they raise the standard in this industry on a regular basis. They offer serious competition to other similar companies, and will continue to raise the bar in years to come. Anyone in search of a DSLR camera, that offers excellent quality, high definition prints and professional quality movies will not need to look nay further than Nikon.