Don’t miss the boat in iphone app development

Have you ever seen the movie “Titanic”?  Towards the beginning of the movie is a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, wins two tickets on the Titanic in a poker game.  He and his friend race towards the boat, and just barely make it aboard before the Titanic sets sail.  What would have happened if they had not made that voyage?  Their entire lives would have been changed!

I know that the ultimate end and fate of the Titanic was dreadful, but I want you to think about the “what-if”.  What if the Titanic had not hit that iceberg, and lived up to its’ potential as the most majestic, marvelous ship of its’ time?  And what if Jack and his friend had then missed the boat, not living out their piece of history?

I know that this movie is a fictional account of some things that actually happened, but I want to ask you to think about the way things could have been, and think more about missed opportunities.

And now transfer that from thinking about the Titanic, and think about iphone app development.  What could you be missing out on by not taking action right now?  Could you be missing the boat?

There is little doubt that the iphone, and smartphones in general, have changed our lives, and are here to stay. Millions of people have iphones, and regularly buy and use apps.  If you have a great idea for an iphone app that you want to develop or if you have a business or a church that needs an iphone app, now is the time to act.  Don’t think that this ship will wait for you – take action now!

Next week, next month, next year will all be here before you know it, and you will end up regretting not taking action today.  If you want to establish your presence in iphone app development, take the steps to realize your potential now!