Life Changing from the Inside Out

Changing your life doesn’t require quantum mind power techniques or any hocus-pocus.  It simply requires a very clear commitment and goal to your desired outcome.  Even with this in place though there are many factors that can play against you. If you are aware of these things as you move forward you will be able to make sure they don’t knock you off your track as you move forward.

Habit – is your biggest ally and greatest enemy as it will work for you relentlessly or against you relentlessly.

Motion – objects that have momentum want to stay in momentum, and objects without want to stay still.

Computer – your brain is comparable to a computer, only x 100, and it will run program for you however they’ve been installed.

Homeostasis – the design of your body to keep everything constant, since the current conditions are known and not threatening.

Survival – your body will always, automatically put survival first unless you let it know it is not threatened.

Social Acceptance – as a society the predominant value of comfort is overriding and pervasive in all corners of society.

Fear – this emotion is used constantly to engage you and keep you static – media is very powerful with this tool at hand.

Laziness – we are fundamentally lazy in many ways, which is also why we are so creative and ambitious.  If you are comfortable you will also likely be lazy, which is why many can’t even get past meditation for beginners in their personal development.

There you have it, many causes for why it is challenging to change.  These things should not deter you from change but rather focus you like a laser to make sure you can cut through all of it to make the life that you would like to have.

If through recognizing all the things that are set up against you, you still have the desire to change the good news is you have all the tools you need.  Everything that will work against you will also work for you too.  You can completely recondition and change all your existing ways of operating to new ways and reprogram them into who you are right down to the DNA level.  Making this happen is not that hard, what is hard is continuing on the path to this place when you have been on a different path for so long.  All you can really do is make a commitment and then go for it.  Don’t quit till it’s done.  Keep on that path until you arrive, and never let up.  This is the key to creating the life that you truly want.