How to Embed Video in WordPress Blog

Media files are part of WordPress blogging. While uploading images is easy as 1 2 3, some are having trouble uploading videos. This article aims to make your life easier by providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to embed video in WordPress blog. The first part is how to embed video from your computer files. The second part is how to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. And the third part is a list of WordPress plugins that support embedding videos.

How to embed video from your computer files

On the dashboard, click on Add New Post. You will see the Upload/Insert media files icon just above the text box tool bar. Select the icon and then click on From Computer or in Media Library. Browse on the folders until you find your video and then click Upload. Take note that only a maximum of 64MB is allowed to be uploaded. You may add captions or rename your video name.

How to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos

Youtube and Vimeo seem to be two of the most popular video uploaders today, so I chose them for this particular post. WordPress supports both YouTube and Vimeo. There are two simple ways on how to embed videos from these uploaders:

1. Embedding with a URL. If you have an account on YouTube or Vimeo, view the video from there. Once finished, log in to your WordPress account on another window browser, go to the page editor, and compose a post. When you have decided where on that particular post you intend to attach your video, go back to the YouTube or Vimeo site and copy the video’s URL from the web browser’s address bar. Then, go back to the WordPress page editor and paste the URL on the specified page line. Continue your text and click on Publish when you’re done. Your video will automatically be uploaded and embedded on your post.
2. Embedding with a shortcode. Shortcodes allow users to customize the size (height and width) of their videos. Below are sample formats for common video dimensions 500×400 and 320×240. Copy and paste the below format of your choice on the page editor, replace the URL on the formats below with the URL of your own video, click Publish, and there goes your embedded video.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]
[vimeo w=320&h=240]


Be sure that your video links are not hyperlinked.

WordPress plugins for video support
Plugins are useful tools for embedding videos and storing media files so if you find them easier to manage, you might want to check these WordPress video plugins: VideoPress, TubePress, and JW Player for WordPress for Flash and HTML5 video players.