Your Age and Your Vitamins

As you get older, your body will start to require an extra amount of certain vitamins. In general, the vitamins that you will be needing more of, if you happen to be in your 40’s or 50’s are vitamins A, B6, B12, C & E. These natural elements are extremely important, especially if you are thinking of bodybuilding after 40. Not only that, additional supply of these said compounds will hasten your goal of weight loss over 40 and at the same time help lower your chances of acquiring certain ailments and diseases related to aging such low testosterone level, colon or prostate cancer and heart related diseases. Here is a quick look at the other benefits that you can acquire from each of these vitamins.

Vitamin A

– This is important in promoting the health of your bones, eyes and skin. Vitamin A encourages the release of your body’s HGH or human growth hormone as well. It also enhances your immune system; thereby making you less prone to diseases and other infections. You are likely to suffer from overly dry skin, night blindness, poor growth if you are lacking this essential vitamin.

Vitamin B6

– This natural compound controls your body’s metabolism, promotes fluid balance and proper digestion. It also produces an important ingredient of the blood which is hemoglobin; the red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your entire body. Anxiousness, mouth ulcers, tongue inflammation, irritation, facial skin problems are just some of the common ailments caused by lack of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B12

– This promotes the production of genetic substances and produces hemoglobin as well. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause agitation, depression, fatigue, memory loss, disorientation, constipation and anemia.

Vitamin C

– This is a potent antioxidant that helps protect your body from toxicity and other viral/bacterial infections. It is important for enhancing the vitality of your skin and a regular supply of it can also hasten the process of muscle tissue repair and cell renewal. Vitamin C deficiency can cause hair and skin loss, bleeding, bruising as well as a host of other potentially dangerous skin diseases.

Vitamin E

– Also a powerful antioxidant that blocks free radicals; thus prevents lipid damage. It is also important for keeping your heart and other organs functioning optimally and at the same time protects your cells from getting damaged.