How to Do a French Manicure

My fellow fair ladies, because of the variety in color and sophisticated designs of nail polishes, we enjoy patterning them to our daily events and matching them up with our outfits. But, among all colors and designs, I choose the one that looks simple yet classy and versatile — the French manicure.

Did you know that the person behind the glamour and fame of a French manicure is actually a male? Yes! His name is Jeff Pink, founder of ORLY International Inc. His aim was to innovate natural nail care. And amazingly, he did! At present, ORLY, the brand named after his wife, is one of the most popular nail polishes used by many in 66 countries worldwide.

Among his achievements in natural nail care is his invention of the French manicure, which is dubbed the “natural nail look.” While on a movie set in Hollywood, he suggested painting the tips of the nails white and a sheer base coat under it and to his surprise the celebrities loved his creation and word about it spread rapidly. Jeff named his creation the French manicure in honor of his friends in Paris.

I love how simple and clean it looks on my fingernails. But, doing a French manicure is quite a challenge for first timers, especially if done by yourself. Believe me, I’ve tried several attempts to do it perfectly.

Follow these easy steps on how to do a French manicure for beginners and you’ll most likely get it right the first time.

1. Prep your nails with the basic cleaning and removing of previously used nail polish.

2. Trim your nails to moderate length and your preferred nail shape. I suggest you use a nail file and buffer to even out the trimmed portion and to maintain the smooth surface of your nails. I recommend square shaped nail tips. It looks modern and clean.

2. Using a base coat of your choice, whether beige, sheer, or any color you prefer, depending on your creativity, but the typical choice is a colorless base coat. Apply it evenly on your nail.

3. Put a nail tip guide when the base coat dries, then using a white or off-white nail polish, paint the tip of your nail.

4. Let the nail tip dry first before you remove the nail tip guide.

5. For the final polishing, apply an extra coat of colorless or quick-dry topcoat.

Tip: do not be in a hurry. The French manicure is quite tricky to accomplish so you need full concentration and patience to paint.

Since I have mentioned Jeff Pink and ORLY earlier, I might as well recommend their French manicure essentials: Pointe Blanche Bonding White Tips Lacquer, Magnifique™ French manicure topcoat, Half-moon White-Tip Guides in a Snap® Quick dry topcoat and Bonder® rubberized basecoat.