Worst Nail Polish Brands

There are some nail polish which are exceptional, others which are just the regular type and there are those which are considered by many as the worst. Women tend to be attracted to the colors of the nail polish bottles and this is what catches their eyes and brings them to the nail polish racks in drugstores and department stores. If you want to put nothing but the best products on your nails, these are the brands you should avoid.

Maybeline. A lot of people ranked this brand as the number one nail polish maker to avoid. It easily chips, it does not go on the nail evenly and it starts getting gloopy real fast. This is one overrated brand and lots of people agree.

MAC. A lot of people are disappointed with this brand because it costs a lot of money but it does not last long and it applies terribly on the nails. Their nail polish is overhyped. Their nail polish is also very streaky. There is a lot more horror stories from MAC users which can fill up an entire page.

Chanel. People do no mind paying a lot of money as long as they get quality in return, but sadly, this does not apply to Chanel. Chanel is one of the most expensive brands out there and it’s also one of the worst.

Bloom. This is another nail polish brand which is hated by many. Customer reviews are very discouraging and disappointing.

Wet N’ Wild. This brand was very popular before but they started losing their appeal to customers and they got overshadowed by other brands. They have since faded from the limelight and the quality of their products has deteriorated quickly, putting them at the bottom of everyone’s list.

A lot of people may not agree with this list and may even have these brands on their acrylic nail polish racks but this article is based on what a lot of customers had to say about these brands.