Recovering from Breast Enlargement Surgery

Deciding to get breast implants is a very important decisions that cannot be taken lightly. Among the myriad factors to consider is the considerable recovery time you can expect after the surgery. In fact, a quick recovery period is usually weeks, if not months. And if you don’t allow yourself proper time to recover from your surgery you can expect prolonged pain and an unhappy outcome.

When recovering from a successful surgery, the recommended recovery includes lots of rest and relaxation with special attention to avoid lifting heavy objects. Patients have typically found the first few days after surgery to be the most painful, with pain residing the farther out they get from the surgery. Typically, after about a week, you can expect to get back to your day to day routine, save heavy lifting and strenuous activity.

the surgical gauze you receive will after surgery will have to remain until your follow up appointment with your doctor. This meeting, a few days after surgery, will also provide you with the surgical bra you will wear for the coming days. Stitches will be removed about a week after you receive your surgical bra, while the scars will remain visible for weeks before slowly fading. Your meetings with your doctor will give you a valuable opportunity to meet with your doctor and address any concerns you may have.

Recovering from your breast implant surgery takes quite some time. As you can see there are multiple phases to recovery. Your breast will remain swollen and hurt to touch for a period of time, usually a month, after your breast enlargement surgery. Of course, if desired your doctor can proscribe you with medication to ease the pain.

If you are serious about getting breast implants your first step should be to consult a board approved doctor. But as should be apparent, the recovery period may be long and painful.

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