Benefits and Drawbacks of Alarm Monitoring

As with any other service, there are benefits and drawbacks to having alarm monitoring on your home. However, it is a great service to have to help you provide greater security for your home and loved ones. If you have the means available to install alarm monitoring on your home you will be at an advantage.

Alarm monitoring has the benefit of giving you peace of mind. Knowing that your home is protected around the clock while you are on vacation or traveling on business will allow you to sleep better at night. You shouldn’t even have to worry about your home being broken into, your possessions taken, or your family being vulnerable. Your home will be watched 24 hours a day by trained home security service providers no matter where you are or what time of day or night. You can rely on your security company to keep your family safe.

Another, relatively unknown, benefit of alarm monitoring is that it can also be used for medical emergencies. Many of the newer alarm systems being installed have emergency call buttons on them, along with buttons for fire and police response. Pressing any of these buttons will send a call to your alarm monitoring company to let them know that there is an emergency. They can quickly have the proper help in route to your home. This option is great for individuals with medical conditions or even the elderly.

The only major drawback of alarm monitoring services is the fact that it is an added expense and will increase your monthly expenses. There are many affordable option, however, and alarm monitoring can potentially make you eligible for homeowner’s insurance discounts of up to 20%. If you qualify for these discounts, this could make your monthly monitoring cheaper and make it more affordable for you. You shouldn’t sacrifice your home’s security over a small monthly fee, however.