Why You Should Stop Waxing and Starting Using A Bikini Hair Trimmer

There are plenty of different options you can take to get rid of unwanted bikini hair, however waxing and using a bikini hair trimmer would have to be the most popular ones. If you are one of those people that currently waxes at the beautician every few weeks you may want to look at the benefits you will gain from getting a bikini trimmer instead.

Seeing as you’re going to get waxed regularly you would know first hand how painful the whole process is. If it is not done correctly it can bring on bruising, rashes, ingrown hairs and you may even get little blood spots from your hair follicles. It isn’t uncommon for someone to go through all of those things from one session, but they seem to put up with it because they like the longer term results it achieves. Compared to a bikini hair trimmer, you definitely won’t get results that last as long as waxing but you would definitely avoid any bruising, bleeding and most likely rashes. So even though you will need to use the trimmer once a week or every couple of weeks people are finding it a better option because they don’t have to sit through that torturing pain anymore.

The other benefit you will want to consider is how much money you will be saving by switching to a bikini trimmer. A once of investment of around $90 for a trimmer will last you around 3 years, so around $30 a year. Waxing is normally done every 4 weeks and every sit will cost close to $40 which equates to $480. That alone is getting people to make the switch.

Going to get waxed is obviously a less frequent occurrence than using a trimmer however every visit to get waxed can take out anywhere from half an hour to an hour of your day. Compare that to taking a couple of minutes to get the result you want from a bikini trimmer it still ends up being less time than waxing even though it is being done more frequently.

They are three reasons people are making the switch, so give it a shot and see how you like it. You may never go back to waxing!