Choosing Metal Gun Cabinets for Sale

Are you just getting a new gun and wondering where you are going to store it?  Maybe you have a gun cabinet, but that is getting filled up and you are exploring other options.  Is a gun safe too big, expensive, and heavy for you?  Maybe you should consider a metal gun cabinet.

These cabinets are a cross between a wood gun cabinet and a gun safe.  Here are some of the features:

  • Unlike a wood gun cabinet, most metal cabinets do not have glass doors.  They are typically black or green in color and not very ornate.  They are not really meant for displaying your gun collection like a wood gun cabinet.
  • Most metal gun cabinets for sale are a fraction of the cost of a gun safe of the same size.  If price is a concern, a metal gun cabinet may be a good entryway into a gun safe.
  • Metal gun cabinets are not built with the same security in mind as a gun safe.  The metal is much thinner and the construction is usually spot welded along the edges.  They have a simple keyed lock and usually three door bolts compared to the 6-9 that a typical gun safe will have.
  • The sizes can be comparable to a gun safe and gun cabinet as they can reach up to 50 long guns.  A metal gun cabinet resembles a typical gym locker or metal storage cabinet.  They are about the same size.
  • Gun safes have additional options such as biometric locks, fireproof and waterproof options, which a metal gun cabinet just doesn’t have.
  • These cabinets need to be secured to the wall or floor, because of their light weight.  A burglar could simply walk off with one.

A metal gun cabinet may be an excellent choice if you are looking for a less expensive, but secure way to store your guns.