Many Methods of Hair Removal

There are many different methods of removing unwanted hair. Some are for short term, some for long and some are permanent hair removal methods. Women mostly want to remove hair from their face, legs, arm pits or the bikini line. There are a few methods that can be done at home, while others need the assistance of a professional. Here are some of the popular methods for dealing with unwanted hair.

Bleaching does not remove hair. It is only used to make the hair less noticeable however it is a good method of disguising hair if you have fine but dark hair growth. Hair removal creams dissolve the hair at the skin surface however you need to use the products properly so that you do not damage your skin. For example, you need to see if the cream suits you well by testing it following the instructions on the packaging. If you feel any irritation on your skin you need to stop using the product. Shaving is another short term method. Using a razor, the hair is cut off close to the surface. However, the hair soon starts to grow again as it is only removed at the surface and not the root. You have to be careful to use good and fresh razors each time to avoid infection and cuts.

Waxing is a method used to pull of hair from a large area like the arms and legs. It is done using warm wax applied to the skin and then removed with the aid of cloth strips. Results can last over four weeks with this method. Sugar waxing is similar to the popular waxing method, however the substance used to trap hair is prepared with sugar, lemon juice and honey.

Removing hair with the use of a laser will give you long lasting results, however if you are looking for guaranteed permanent removal, you need to use electrolysis. One touch electrolysis is a home machine you can use to remove hair from almost any part of the body including facial hair, eyebrows and the bikini line. The process should be done very carefully to avoid any damage to the skin.