Understanding costs for pallet truck operations

If you are thinking about buying electric pallet jack truck you should make sure you compare all of the specifications online. There are many differences between all of the different models in today’s marketplace. There are also many different companies which make electric pallet jack trucks such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, and Yale.  Most of these trucks are actually made in the USA. You should keep in mind that your forklift trucks will take a huge beating every day and it is important to buy the model which will last as long as possible.

Be sure that when you are comparing different models look beyond the initial cost of the actual unit. Keep in mind that when you are looking at the overall running cost of your electric pallet jack you will need to factor in the cost of replacement parts, consumables such as electric pallet jack batteries, along with the cost for regular preventative maintenance servicing. Keep in mind that for certain pallet jacks it may also be easier to find non-OEM parts as well. In certain situations it definitely makes good sense to buy non-OEM forklift or electric pallet truck parts.

Many people do not know this but a lot of times there are many shared parts between different forklift companies.  It is often hard to find out this information because each individual forklift company will use their own manufacture of forklift part number references.  This can be true even though the part is made by the same backend manufacturing firm.  One of the most common parts which are shared by different electric pallet jack companies are the actual forklift wheels themselves. Often times these are made by the same OEM company which will supply the forklift wheels to the various mates such as Toyota, Hyster, and Mitsubishi.  If you’re thinking about buying forklift trucks for your warehouse another great idea is to look to buy a used refurbished fleet as well. Buying a refurbished electric pallet jack can be a great idea as long as you do your homework ahead of time.  Used machines will cost significantly less compared to having to buy them new from the manufacturer. Before you buy your unit, make sure that you check the preventative maintenance logs to make sure that the previous owner has taken proper care of their material handling equipment.  Should you need replacmentment parts, you can also purchase pallet jack parts through the Internet.