Womens Running Shoes – Top 3 Brands

An important thing to think about when shopping for a new pair of womens running shoes is that they are designed and constructed with your particular activity in mind; this could be road jogging, walking or trail running for example. To get the right running shoes for you, they ideally need to be comfortable, without the need to spend a month breaking them in. And they need to feature the kind of technology which will prevent you from getting injured while out exercising. Today there is a massive array of different sports shoe brands available, all after your attention and your money, so presented now are just a small sampling of some of the favorite ones which have become top sellers.

Very rapidly after Nike introduced their air technology, the brand became a massive international success, and a household name in sportswear. This innovation was simple yet effective, an air bubble within the heel of the shoes which cushioned the feet and made you feel like you were floating on air. Nowadays, the technology has moved on, as is crucial for the survival of all sports shoe manufacturers, and Nike running shoes have shock absorbers, which consist of small columns which easily compress during each foot strike on the ground, and which enable the shoe to absorb and deflect energy away from your joints to protect them from jarring.

A great favorite, especially for more experienced runners, is the Asics running shoes, which offer great overall comfort, and high quality and performance, leaving most wearers deliriously happy. One of the greatest successes is the best seller status of the Asics Gel Kayano 15, the Kayano model being almost legendary. They are stability shoes, and so are great for runners who suffer from flat feet or who overpronate during the landing phase of their gait cycle, and they have tons of cushioning within the heel and mid-soles sections of the shoe, which provide all the protection you could ask for, to ensure common problems like knee and ankle strains and sore arches are not going to blight your running experience.

Highly praised by many runners, Saucony is another of the giants of the running shoes world, and is something of a celebrity because this brand is one of the high end ones, offering awesome quality and high performance, high endurance running shoes for a simply great price. They are comparable in price to Asics, so to get a pair of Saucony running shoes is a pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about. The Saucony Progrid Razor is a model which has been very popular in recent times, and is meant for trail running. It uses several shock absorbing technologies to neutralize impacts as you run and keep you injury free, while also having a design which encourages you to improve your consistency and running form. The compound rubber soles are also great for high durability and grip.