Bouldering Necessities – Choosing the Best Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing is a great sport to engage in. There are several types of rock climbing and each of these necessitates a certain type of foot gear. Some shoes are more fitted for certain kinds of rock climbing activity. Bouldering is just one of them. It is increasingly becoming popular these days and if you want to engage in this sport, it would be good to know how to choose the appropriate climbing shoes for bouldering.

Rock climbing shoes are typically tight-fitted with sticky rubber soles and pointed edges. These characteristics help climbers ascend a rock face. For bouldering which is characterized as a type of highly technical and short yet intense rock climbing, the best bouldering shoe is required.

If bouldering is something new to you and you are still not certain you want to really focus in this type of rock climbing, you might be better off with a rented shoes. Some people purchase one but end up never using it. Avoid unnecessary expenses and try renting one first.

If you are not comfortable with rented shoes then you can purchase one, of course. Just be sure to try it on before buying it. So if you want to purchase online, go to a nearby outdoor store first and try out the best brand and size that fits you well. You can also check out the shoes of your friends to see whether their brand and style works for you. Remember to try a shoe during the afternoon. Our feet are largest at the end of the day because it is already swollen.

Climbing shoes are generally a size shorter than your regular shoes. But it should still be snug for your feet.  Try it out on a climbing wall of the store since most outdoor stores have them as well. Make sure it is well fitted to you and you really like it because these stores don’t often accept returned items. If you need more information, ask a salesperson. Keep in mind that he should be somebody who climbs as well so he can give you reliable info. A salesperson that doesn’t climb does not have enough experience to give you the right advice. You can also ask your friends and other boulder climbers. They can give you ideas on the best type of climbing shoes to buy. Don’t blindly purchase a bouldering shoe so you won’t regret the cost in the end.