Best Skin Tag Remover – Natural and Effective

My journey to the best home skin tag remover. I remember when I first started noticing skin tags. I was probably in my early thirties and I was wondering what these little flaps of skin were. I just had a couple at first and wasn’t really bothered by them. But then as I got into my forties more and more of them started cropping up. I learned through Google and my doctor that these skin tags are also called acrochorda by the medical community.

They aren’t in any way dangerous or malignant. But they were bugging me. I had a few skin tags removed by my doctor. But she was charging me at the time $100 for each. That’s a fair bit of money, because my health care plan won’t cover this “elective” surgery as they call it.

I thought there must be an easier way to remove skin tag, so I started searching around myself. My doctor used pretty much one of 2 methods. She either froze off my skin tag or cut it off. I think with all of them that she got rid of for me, we chose surgery. Freezing she seemed to think works best for warts. Now apparently, skin tags don’t have feelings or nerve endings, but I still always chose to have some topical anesthetic put on just to be safe. I don’t like pain, even the idea of it.

So I decided that if I was going to get rid of the other 10 or so skin tags myself, I could save over $1000. That’s a nice vacation. So as I mentioned, I started searching around on how to remove skin tags. If you’ve done the same, you’ll come across a bunch of methods. Freezing, cutting and tying off were the most common ones out there.

But it wasn’t until I came across this single resource on the internet that is a natural skin tag remover that I started having the best success. This home removal of skin tags is effective at removing warts and removing moles too. It just works brilliantly.

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I knew that surgery worked, because that was what my doctor was using, but sometimes the skin tag would grow back like a little hard bump and it was not the same color as my skin. I wanted to try tying the skin tag up with thin fishing line, but I couldn’t bear to do that, having a piece of fishing line attached to me. It made me feel weird.

So just when I thought I’d have to give in and budget visits to my doctor into my financial future I found this removal of skin tags method that I could do easily at home.

The great thing about this skin tag remover, is that is uses all natural products that you can find at your local drug store. It didn’t cost me more than $10 to get set up and that was enough stuff to remove all my skin tags, over 10 of them. This remedy interestingly enough has been in use since the ancient Egyptians if not before them.

So if you really want the best skin tag remover that can be used for the home removal of skin tag and warts and moles then take a look at this product.

This skin tag remover is safe, effective and painless. You’ll get just a slight gentle stinging, or what I found to be more of an itch. And within days but certainly no longer than weeks, your skin tag will just fall off.

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It really is that easy. So give this skin tag remover a try. I’ve been skin tag free now for over 6 months. And even if I get some back, I now know how to quickly dispatch them again.