Heating Your Swimming Pool The Right Way

Swimming pools are a great thing to have in the summer months. You can invite family and friends over to have a party or a causal Sunday afternoon. Everyone loves to swim, it’s in our blood as humans to swim whenever we can, but we are warm blooded creatures and if their is one thing we hate, its the cold. Cold swimming pool plague pool owners at the beginning and end of the swimming seasons. Some pools suffer through this all summer long because of their location in a persons backyard. Maybe you have trees or buildings blocking the sun from naturally heating your swimming poo. This can cause major chilly pool problems, but the only thing you can do to fight against it is get a pool heater.

Pool heaters are not for everyone. First of all, they are expensive because of the unit itself and the gas wasted just to heat a swimming pool. Fortunately there are cheaper alternatives to heating your swimming pool in the swimming months. Look into pool heat pumps, these little beauties are expensive to start but will save you money over time, not to mention money on your gas bill too. They do not use gas to heat your pool, they use electric. But this is not the only thing you should get to heat your pool. Once you have your pool heat pump installed it’s time to minimize the use of it while still keeping your pool warm.

Solar pool covers are a way to keep the heat produced by your pool heat pump in your swimming pool all season long. When night falls and the temperature drops, your pool begins to loss all the heat. With a solar pool cover you can trap that heat in your pool over night therefore extending your swimming season!