Assessing Your Google Adsense Earnings Going into 2011

When you get to the end of a month you look back to decide just how well your business has done; or at least I do!  I assess what looks good, where I need to do more work, where I can leave alone and let it do its own thing for a while.

Working the online Google adsense business is just the same and you need to evaluate your google adsense earnings on a regular basis.  But exactly what might you do at the year end which will build on your monthly review?

1)      Look at the bottom line

You have to be real with yourself.  You might have chosen a great free personal accounting software download which has delivered a favourable bottom line once you have input all your data, but does it really show you a good return on your time and/or monetary investment.  If you have spent a great deal of time for little profit then really you have to think to yourself whether or not you are handling your business correctly.

2)      Look for areas to streamline

Looking after a business isn’t rocket science.  To get more money you have to evaluate other markets; buy the raw resources more cheaply; reduce your outgoings in the processing by streamlining; and selling more expensively.  In Google it is similar since you should spend as little time as possible evaluating potential keywords – just find them and then get going.  Work out where you are wasting time – when doing your research for your writing do you ever get distracted?  When trying to write, do you find half a dozen other things that you would rather be doing?  And finally, have you tried moving your ad-blocks around?  I have just done so and have discovered an improved click through rate of  6% over what I was previously seeing!

3)       Don’t give up!

At the end of a month, if you are still seeing little results you are inclined to keep doing the same thing.  At the end of a year you could become quite disheartened if you look at your low results.  The trick is to see the year end as a good time for deciding how you might do things differently, but also deciding that you are going to do more and make more effort.  Because if you do, you will see results in the forthcoming year.

In summary:  evaluate that bottom line sensibly; streamline where you can; and keep going.  This way you will ultimately see an improvement, even if it is a while off coming.