All You Need To Know About Window Roller Shades

Every window in the home should be covered to protect it from heat, cold and sunlight. One of the other main reasons for covering windows is to retain a level of privacy. There are many types of window covers for example shades and blinds. Blinds do not let in much light into the room because they are made of heavy material. Shades on the other hand are translucent. There are only four major types of shades in the market currently; pleated shades, Roman shades, roller shades and cellular shades.

Roller window shades are basically made up of a piece of material that goes upwards and downwards on a roller. Roller shades have either a looped cord or they may come loaded with a spring. A cord loop system is the most famous in shades. This system has been in use for a long time. These shades are designed to filter the light entering the room. The sunscreen shade is new shade which is fast becoming very popular. It comes with a see through fabric which blocks light from entering the room. It was originally used in offices, banks and other public places but it has recently found its ways into households. Cassette valance is an elegant design that has a decorative style enhanced by integrated head rails which allows the blinds to roll in it. There are many fabric color designs and patterns available which can be used with the shades to obtain a beautiful look d├ęcor.

Although still in use, shutters and blinds were at one time very much in style. They were phased out by contemporary window treatments that came up a few years back. Curtains or draperies are still the most sought after covering for windows along with shades and shutters. Most people like drapes because they are available in an infinitely large number of colors, patters and fabrics which can be cut into any size. That being said, there are many contemporary window treatments that give you the right amount of light in your house.