What to Look For in a Sprinter Conversion Van

In the USA, a customized Mercedes Sprinter cargo van is also known as sprinter conversion van. As opposed to Europe where they are normally used for business, sprinter van conversions are used as campers in America. It is slightly smaller than ordinary campers but its wide body gives it an edge over the other camper vans. Without major modifications it’s know to take only two berths. Other names that refer to sprinter conversion vans are Dodge and freightliner. Sprinter Mercedes Benz originally imported from Germany, just like any other Mercedes is a known fuel guzzlers. Chrysler has however managed to modify its engine. It has therefore gained popularity with its moderate fuel consumption. Chrysler is the main dealer licensed in the USA to market Mercedes Sprinter. They import sprinter parts from Germany then assembles and sell them under the brand name of Dodge.

The Mercedes Sprinter cargo van has a number of great advantages which make it an excellent choice for Sprinter conversion van. The inside is quite tall, wide and spacious enough to allow moderate modification without distorting the cargo area thanks to its long chassis. This classic van does well even in high attitudes courtesy of it turbo diesel engines and sometimes gasoline engines.  Its mechanical configuration is just unbeatable and trusted world over. The turbo engine is powerful enough to carry cargo approximately 2,500 lbs. The speed is just amazing especially compared to other vans carrying similar cargo capacity.

Remember camping van conversions have their drawbacks as well. One being the price tag some can go as high as over $100000. Most Sprinter conversions are ill equipped for off-road drives since they are 2 wheel drive instead of the mandatory 4 wheel drive. They are mostly equipped with only two berths this leaves larger groups of people with no option. Automobile dealers have come up with modifying solutions at a relatively cheaper price.  You can also buy camper equipment and modify your sprinter as per your own specification.  Doing your own modification can give you problems when registering and also getting insurance.