25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Men

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Men could apply to your husband, brother, friend, co worker or father. Usually by the time he has been married for 25 years he pretty much has everything he needs. Your gift needs to be well thought out and maybe a little different.

First of all the most important, 25th wedding anniversary gifts for husband. After 25 years you will have been through a lot together and are hopefully still happily married. This is a date you will want to celebrate and remember. You gift could be something lasting such as jewelry or something memorable.

Jewelry may be a watch, ring or cuff links, silver and engraved with a date, either of your wedding or 25th anniversary.

Memorable could be treating him to a vacation somewhere he has always wanted to go, dinner and a West End show or a spa weekend for two.

If the 25th wedding anniversary gifts are for your brother or friend then you could match your gift to whatever you are getting for his wife. It could be jewelry, his and hers matching silver, or something you know is personal and he loves to do. What are his favorite sports? Tickets to a game, golf clubs or new running shoes are all good choices to match what he likes to do.

If it is your co workers 25th wedding anniversary then a nice gift would be champagne and two flutes or a bottle of wine and two glasses if your wallet is thin. A picture frame, silver and engraved with their names shows that you have gone to a little extra trouble to make the gift personalized.

Your 25th wedding anniversary gift for father could be anything related to his interests. It may be sports, literature, travel or home improvement. Whatever his hobbies are will give you much scope for gift buying.