Tilt-Lock TL800 Roll Handling Cart

Anyone who has had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the Tilt-Lock TL800 Roll Handling Cart will see that it is a very innovative and helpful device. This type of handling cart has an appearance similar to that of a fork lift truck, but it is not driven around. It features two front wheel spurs, in the middle of which is a boom arm.

The boom is the part of the device responsible for doing the intricate aspects of the job. The materials handling operator stands behind the cart and pushes it on its wheels toward the roll that needs to be maneuvered or lifted. Then the operator directs the arm, through the use of a control panel, to the roll’s center, and proceeds to clamp the arm onto the roll.

The hoisting function–which can move either up or down–will then lift the roll from the rack or pallet on which it is resting. It can be turned and rotated if necessary, and this is also accomplished through the operator’s use of a control panel.

After this is complete, it is then only a matter of transporting the roll to its desired located, at which point it can be repositioned, and placed in the new location through the use of a feature called “tooth release.” Then the roll can be left in its new position, and the operator can return for the next one.

This roll handling cart is a very innovative marvel of modern technology, and is extremely beneficial with regard to the elimination of manual labor. Many factories and other industrial suppliers see many advantages in the use of such a device.

One of the greatest benefits the TL800 roll handling cart has to offer is its effortless operation. This greatly reduces the amount of workers compensation claims, which are typically the result of back injuries that arise from the lifting of heavy objects. Companies now see that there is no need to take such risks when the aforementioned handling cart can be used instead.