Buying A Folding Step Stool

Stools with foldaway steps are such useful things to have around the house, and they can be used for a multitude of tasks, not just around the home but also in the garden and garage. With so many different types available, whether you are looking for a lightweight folding step stool, or something a bit larger and more heavy duty, you are bound to find the perfect stool for your needs.

The type of fold up step stool you buy will depend on what you are intending to use it for, and where you are going to be using it. If you are looking for a stool that you can use for things such as home decorating, or other kinds of DIY tasks then you will more than likely want to get a heavy duty step stool that is made from metal or wood and has two or more steps. This will allow you to reach high ceilings without having to overstretch or even stand on tip toe which can be very dangerous. If you are looking for a stool that can be used in general around the home, such as in the kitchen to reach top shelves, or for children to be able to use, then a plastic step stool will be the perfect thing. You will find these kinds of step stools are available in a foldable version that allows you to collapse them almost flat and slot them away neatly when the are not in use. This makes them great for keeping in a cupboard so they are available to use whenever you need to.

If you are just looking for a handy stool to keep around the house to use for things such as changing light bulbs, or dusting on top of cupboards, then you will find you have a great range of step stools for adults to choose from. With stools ranging in price from budget stools through to mid range stools such as the Cramer folding step stool, right through to the most expensive, high end stools. With such an extensive range of styles and prices to choose from, finding the right step stool will be easy for you.