Selling Scrap Silver And Gold For A Profit

Not infrequently, many people have scrap silver or gold on hand that is otherwise worthless to them. Selling these metals for money would be ideal, but not everyone knows where to go, and whether or not they’re getting the best deal possible. From old jewelry to scrap metal found in dumpsters, yard sales, or cheap antique shops, going through the small inconvenience of research and exchange is worth the money you can get in the end.

For silver buyers, the amount of money you receive depends on the purity of the scrap silver you are submitting. After doing an online search, as well as checking in your local phone book, ask for quotes, prices and procedures to determine the purity of your silver and how much you can get for it. Depending on the purity of the object you wish to sell, like a silver coin minted before 1964, it may not be worth the trouble because you would make less than you would spend in the whole sales procedure. Oftentimes, the companies buying silver or willing to pay cash for gold have specifications about what they are willing to buy. Depending on when and where it as minted, for example, may influence the kind of coins they will purchase. Gold Accent rare coins or the Gold American Buffalo coin are common exchanges for gold buyers, who also are interested in scrap gold, broken gold (as in broken chains r jewelry), and gold watches.

The amount paid for these metals depends on the current market for them as well as their purity and quality. For nine karat gold, or gold at a lower level of purity, the seller can make sixteen dollars from a submission of ten to fifty ounces. For a higher quality gold, however, this payment can increase to sixty dollars for the same amount. The flexible markets for both gold and silver do change, so be updated on their fluctuations.