Chicago Extended Stay Hotels Extend The Pleasure

On a daily basis, Chicago attracts thousands of business and pleasure travellers from around the world. Chicago extended stay hotels are a practical choice for people planning to stay in the city for more than just a weekend. Chicago Hotels offer a wide variety of choices based on budget and location. A city-wide selection allows you to choose accommodation close to your vacation or business activities. Less time spent getting around means more opportunity to enjoy all Chicago has to offer.

Chicago O’Hare Airport offers good access to the entire city, so many travellers choose a hotel in that vicinity. This also cuts down transit time on the days of arrival and departure, avoiding hassles at a time when most people are tired. Another option is to select a suburban location where room rates are typically less expensive than in downtown areas.

Chicago extended stay hotels can offer all the comforts of a home away from home. Some units include kitchenettes and living rooms. Preparing some of your own meals can add comfort, economy and convenience to your stay, and allows the option of entertaining guests. Hotels such as ExtemdedStay America, Crossland Economy Studios, and Marriott Residence Inn are a few examples offering a range of amenities to suit any budget.

There is no need to waste time searching for listings. The information is at your fingertips. Search engines will turn up a list of Chicago extended stay hotels to meet your requirements. Some hotel web sites specialize in identifying lodgings located in certain parts of the city or according to your budget. A web search will also turn up the best sightseeing locations and entertainment pleasing to adults and children of all ages. Online resources make it easy to book your accommodation well ahead of time to avoid disappointment when the time for your trip comes.