How to Remove Roof Moss

Living in the upper west coast, I’ve seen a lot of roof moss in my day sometimes so thick you’d swear the home’s roof is a putting green.  I’ve also seen a lot so-called roof cleaning experts who claim to know about roof moss removal.  Their idea usually revolves around choosing the largest power washer they can find, going up on the roof shingles, and power washing the crap out of the moss.  What they fail to mention to you the homeowner however is just how damaging this can be to your roof.  Sure the moss might be gone, but so will a significant layer of your shingles!

Fortunately there is a much easier and more effective method to removing roof moss and it involves no pressure cleaning whatsoever.  To truly kill roof moss for good, you need to utilize chemicals specially formulated for moss removal.  There a number of excellent roof cleaning chemical solutions that can be gently applied to the shingles without any need for pressure washing.  You’ll know if you have the correct ratio of chemicals when the green moss turns white almost immediately meaning it’s been killed.  It’s important to note however that after the moss has been killed it will not immediately fall out.  Instead it will likely take a few heavy rains to uproot the moss which will then naturally rinse from the roof on it’s own.

Now there are still some roof cleaners who insist that cleaning a roof that is extremely covered in moss requires more than chemical solutions.  I would tend to agree but only in the case of excessive amounts of moss where the roof looks more like a green carpet than shingles.  In these extreme cases, a power washer could be used at a very low pressure setting but only when the chemical cleaning route has been attempted and failed.

You’ll find however that for the vast majority of moss issues you can remove roof moss using the proper chemicals.  Whatever you do though, do not do nothing.  It truly amazes me to see the state of some people’s roofs these days.  Remember folks, the only thing between your family and mother nature’s harsh elements is your roof, so take care of it.  Roofs nowadays run anywhere between $20,000 and $80,000 to replace, sometimes even more.  Do yourself a favor – get it cleaned periodically and don’t let moss ruin your otherwise sound investment.