Green Tea Weight Loss is Safe and Natural Weight Loss

Green tea, which is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, is a health-promoting tree shrub which is indigenous to China and some other Asian countries. Nevertheless, it is now becoming a common drink in the west, too. Consumed for 1000’s of years in Asia, green tea is believed to reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and most cancers. Its most appealing property is almost certainly its stated ability to aid in weight loss. So how real are these green tea weight loss claims?

Watch out for Excessive Weight Loss Claims-
A lot of weight loss supplement companies will certainly declare that their own brand of tea beverages can work over-the-top miracles. Drinking the best quality loss leaf green tea by itself will simply use up around fifty to eighty calories per 5 cups. Yet, in conjunction with additional safe substances like Hoodia gordonii, it makes a serious weight reduction blend.

How Does Green Tea Weigh Loss Work?
Drinking green tea brings about thermogenesis – which is state of increases heat in the body. When this occurs, our bodies begin to burn some fat. In turn this boosts our metabolic heart rate (not our actual heart rate) by four percent. Even though this is solid science, what if the manufacturer of a given tea is not producing one hundred percent natural tea? Well you can rest assured that one such tea does, its called ProShapeRx and its one hundred percent natural and also contains Hoodia Gordonii! Alternatively you can buy any organic loose leaf green tea at a local Chinese store or at most health food stores. Then you are assured that you are drinking pure green tea. It is important to drink loose leaf green tea because it contains more of the antioxidants that produce thermogenesis that ready prepared tea bags. Where as 5 cups of loose leaf green tea is the required amount to lose weight, you may need to drink 10 – 12 cups of green tea using tea bags!