Baby Clothing Ideas For New Mums

When it comes to buying baby clothes, two of the most popular brands that come to mind are baby Converse and Disney baby clothing. Converse, the popular canvas shoe brand, has expanded from its start in 1917 as a maker of only basketball shoes, and now produces shoes for all ages and sizes, including newborns, infants and toddlers. Baby Converse is sold in different sizes by age, from 0-12 months, and in regular children’s sizes for ages over one year. Some popular styles of baby Converse are the First Star Crib Boot, which is a soft bootie suitable for newborns and infants, and the Toddler No-Strap, for children older than one year who can close the Velcro straps themselves. Baby Converse are relatively inexpensive for children’s shoes, soft and comfortable for babies learning to walk, easy to clean, and come in many colors.

Besides shoes, young children need many types of clothing at an affordable price because they outgrow clothes so quickly. Disney baby clothing offers everything from onesies to dress-up clothes. Disney sells pajamas and other sleepwear, playsuits, skirts and dresses for girls, coveralls, bodysuits, matching tops and bottoms, sweatshirts and hoodies, and even outerwear for children from ages 0-24 months. All Disney baby articles of clothing come in multiple colors and have different Disney characters on them. Disney also offers baby blankets and toys, such as action figures and dolls, stuffed Disney characters and Disney character costumes.

What baby Converse and Disney baby clothing both have in common are that they are affordable for parents of growing children, they offer a wide range of products that also extends beyond infancy, and each product they offer comes in a variety of designs. Both of these brands offer lots of options for their products and can be ordered online or bought in stores, in whatever way is most convenient for parents.