Linen Duvet Cover Durability

For people living in a tropical and/or humid climate a linen duvet cover holds a lot of advantages over its cotton cousin. The reason being that linen has the ability to stop the humidity from reaching your skin thereby keeping the body dry and feeling fresh and cool. This is also why it is easy to feel sweaty using cotton covers or bed sheets as cotton is not very good at absorbing or releasing moisture into the air.

If this explanation sounds a bit complicated then consider the differences between linen and cotton. Cotton is made from thin fibers spun together to make cotton yarn. The higher the thread count which translates in the more fibers that are tightly spun together the smoother and more expensive the fabric becomes, but this also means that the textile will take a lot more time to dry once it has been exposed to moisture.

Linen on the other hand comes from the flax plant which produces hollow fibers, much like grain, that are then spun together to produce the linen fabric. This fabric feels very crisp when it is just new but will soften over time. Because the fibers are hollow, they have an insulating effect, both by keeping you cool in summer while preventing body warmth from escaping from underneath the sheets during the colder months, just like the insulation in your house.

Another benefit of linen is that people with allergies respond very well to linen which might explain why unisex baby bedding crib sets often come in the linen variety. And if you or your baby are really sensitive to allergies then organic linen would be the number one choice. Quite a few manufactures offer 100% organically grown and manufactured linen, just do your research before buying.

All in all, it is for you to decide whether a linen duvet cover is worth the extra price to you. Before you decide, do keep in mind that linen is going to last you a lot longer than cotton and so it wouldn’t be too difficult t recuperate the extra cost thanks to linen’s natural durability.