Making Your Chairs Last Longer

Chairs break easily, especially if they came in a set that can’t be found anywhere anymore. It’s either the law of nature or Murphy, but you could find plenty of examples to prove that things work this way. This is especially true of your camping chair, but that’s a story for another day. If you’re before a choice of going for either chairs in one package with the dining table or the table separately from chairs that are to be bought elsewhere, then read this article to have the benefits and the disadvantages in the same place.

Sets are known to come for discount prices so more often than not you’ll be able to pick a table with 6 chairs up for less than you’d pay for the table and the chairs if you were to get them one by one. It’s one of the benefits, but not the biggest one by far. You won’t have to spend any time trying to find kitchen seats that go well with the color, shape and material of the table in question, which can be a huge pro for those who are pressed time-wise.

Benefits don’t end there, fortunately. You can also ensure that they come from the same retailer so there is not going to happen the awkward moment when you have the table but the chairs are on their way somewhere in the USA. For those who are all into convenient solutions and don’t care the least about clipping their freedom of choice a bit here and there, it’s the best way of settling this debate.

Should you be a reasonably creative person who is able to find blending colors and materials, you should definitely purchase the table first, it being the most expensive part, and the chairs when you’ve bet the table in person. It also works best this way if you want to get different wooden or metal chairs on purpose. If you know what you’re doing, by all means, go for it and don’t let factories decide what’s good for you.

Separate chairs, like a rocking chair can be replaced when they’re falling apart, because they most probably will, especially if you have kids who don’t always do what you’d like them to do. A family of four can have 6-8 chairs so that they always have one or two for a guest and two in the basement as an emergency stash.

Only your creativity and appetite for control determines whether you should choose a set or separate pieces. Don’t let anyone else decide for you if you know your way around interior design, everyone else will be just fine with what they’re getting.