How to Deal with Anxiety

In unexpected situations, no one can prevent anxiety from happening. You have probably heard the terms “anxiety attack” or “separation anxiety.” A common physical manifestation of anxiety is panic. It’s like you no longer know what to do and your mind is too cluttered to think straight. It is not a disease but a mental condition of someone who has gone through untreated extreme stress. It can happen to anyone and sometimes cannot be avoided, so each and every one of us must know how to deal with anxiety because studies show that aside from depression, anxiety may trigger suicide and other mental and health conditions.

Ways on dealing with anxiety vary from person to person. Below is a list of techniques that I have found helpful in alleviating anxiety whenever I have experienced it. I hope some of them might be helpful to you too. If your anxiety or panic attacks worsen or continue you should consider seeking the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

1. Meditation is very helpful in relaxing the mind to avoid anxiety. When you have too many worries, try to give yourself at least 10 minutes out of your daily routine for meditation, preferably in the morning. Meditating in the morning allows you to start your day positively and to let go of the over baggage from the events that had happened the day or night before.

2. Seek your comfort zone. Whether it is your favorite place to hangout or the company of friends and family, put yourself in a position where you feel at ease. I believe that everyone has a comfort zone where everything feels familiar and safe. This will help you with you anxiety as you’ll feel calm and protected surrounded by loved ones.

3. Eat your comfort food. If there is a comfort zone, there is also comfort food. When you indulge yourself with your favorite food it makes you happy and relaxed, so it’s okay to eat and not think about dieting for a while. But, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be devouring a lot of it or eating comfort food with abandon. The idea is to be responsible with yourself at all times, whether you’re in your normal condition or not, but to allow yourself some small treats.

4. If everything else fails and none of the techniques mentioned above helps, seek professional assistance. It is okay to share your feelings and thoughts with someone who knows exactly how to deal with a person who suffers from anxiety. Most people make the mistake of trusting hearsay and over-the-counter or illegally prescribed medications or other treatments that supposedly cure anxiety attacks. Trust me. Instead of helping you, those will just put you in a worse condition.

Anxiety can be a serious problem if not dealt with thoroughly and quickly. I recommend self-help books about anxiety so that you’ll learn about it comprehensively and find professional tips on how to deal with it in case it happens to you.