Fashionable Coats Created for Large Size Women

If you are a woman who wears plus sizes of clothing you may be surprised to see a lot of fashionable items available in larger sizes. The styles of plus size winter coats for women are available in the same designs you would find for regular sized women. The classic tailored look of the pea coat can be found in a larger style. This item is usually created using a wool or wool blend of fabric. The tailored design will use a double breasted front and have the body section created as a more form fitted piece around the waist.

The coats created for use in winter are available as car coat styles that come down to the knee area or as full length styles that come all the way to the ankle. The classic car coat length is often used in creating a winter parka. This design can use a number of different fabrics including many synthetics. The outer fabric is usually treated to be water resistant and may come as a quilted style. The insulated parka uses an inner material such as down or fiberfill to create the insulation between the outer material and the inner lining.

The longer styles of coats are usually worn with formal attire such as evening gowns. You can also pair them with plus size cocktail dresses if you are going to a formal type of event. The basic design of a cocktail dress is usually created as a knee length item. These party dresses are available in assorted fabrics and often have decorative trim or accent pieces added to enhance the overall garment. Sequins are commonly used for this type of dress as are beads. The skirt is usually created in a full and flowing style, but can also be available as a typical A-line design.