All About Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogram wedding cake toppers can spice up any cake. Though many people want statuettes and figurines in their wedding cake, some people also wants to have a more simplified yet classy looks on their cakes. A monogram or the initial cake toppers are perfect for that desired image. Couples and decorators can choose from wide selections of templates and sometimes, there are shops that offer couples to personalize their own monogram.

What is exactly a cake topper initial?

These are the little figurines that sits above the wedding cake only that this is does not look like a bride and the groom but rather, a simple initial of the couple. These toppers are usually silver platted letters that typically stands about 4 to 5 inches high. These gives your wedding cake an elegant looks and is definitely worth to be consider.

Where to buy them?

There are many places in your town that you can go and search. Wedding cake decorators or a wedding cake stores are your best choices. But when you want to have a wide variety of selections, you can look for retailers that sell online. You can simply Google them up. You can also find that there is a greater variety among online sellers because these are often semi – custom. This means, the letters are already cut but you can pick other colors and styles.

How much do they price?

There are two factors to be considered upon knowing the price. These are the materials used and the amount of crystal used to decorate the initials. But usually, they can range from $50 to $225.

Typically, these cake toppers initial are the couple’s initial, the grooms initial is on the right side while the bride is on the left. Normally, when there are three initials on the toppers, the middle one would be the last name of the couple. Monogram wedding cake toppers , an elegant and classy way to celebrate your wedding day and a keepsake to last a lifetime.