Armani Suits – Dress To Kill

Wearing Armani suits to work is a habit of mine that has paid off in a big way. I was always taught to dress for your next position. I never cared much for what my other co-workers thought of me, since they weren’t as driven as I was to make it to the top. I was a middle manager, but I dressed better than the CEO, and people noticed. I was always taken more seriously than most of the other staff when it came to suggestions, or presentations.

Many people always asked me how I was able to take over a room with a presentation. They wanted to know the secret to my confidence. I was always happy to let them know that there was no secret, it was only the suit that helped me along. When I put on an Armani suit I feel  like I can fly. It is almost like I am putting on a super hero’s costume. I instantly feel a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and success.

Armani suits are usually made from 100% Italian silk and other fine materials. The manufactures go all over the world to fine the best fabric they can use to make their clothes, and you can tell when you feel the textures on your skin.

I always knew that I would look better than anyone when wearing an Armani, and that is what drove me to collecting enough of them so that I could be known as the guy at work who wears them. Promotions started coming quick for me once I began wearing them regularly. I stepped it up a notch when I was due to be promoted to regional manager by adding Armani watches to my wardrobe. The Mechanio collection is my favorite because it radiates class without being too flashy.