How to Make a Model Jet

Building a model jet is great fun. The price of these devices can range from fifty bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the materials that are being used. A model jet engine is fairly expensive, so you should purchase one without any engine if you are looking for something cheap. Most jets come in a kit where all the pieces are pre-cut and can be easily assembled.

Start by using a small knife to cut each of the pieces out of the frame. These pieces are usually lodged in a plastic sprue, so they may be hard to take out. Be careful not to crack any of the pieces or it will ruin your entire model jet. Sand each of the components to help them fit together easier. This will also remove any extra plastic slivers from the sprue.

Separate each of the pieces according to their shape and type. This will make them easier to locate and prevent missing components. For example, place all the wheels in one pile, fuselage pieces in another pile, and electrical components in another pile. Screws, bolts, and other small pieces should be placed in a cup or closed compartment where they cannot get lost. Label each cup so you know what type of screws it contains. Model jet kits usually include hundreds of little pieces, but each one is vital for the plane to fly properly. If even one screw or bolt is missing, it can affect the overall flight.

Once the plane has been assembled, it can be painted to any color that you choose. Make sure to buy the right type of paint that can properly be applied on the jet’s fuselage. Some people like to have custom decals and stickers on their plane, which can be purchased from most hobbyist shops.