Beautiful Small Kitchen Design

Recently, there has been a uprising trend that couples like to design their own homes. The one area of their home which is particularly hard to design is the kitchen. As most couple start out with a small home, their kitchen are rather small too. A small kitchen design requires good design techniques to create a balance between functionality and beauty. There are several issues to take note of when you are designing a small kitchen, and one of themĀ  is over sacrificing functionality for a dazzling kitchen. It might not be a big problem at first, but there might be a day you curse and swear when you need a bigger counter top.The idea here is to strike a balance between both.

Here are the few necessary kitchen hardware I recommend. The refrigerator is a necessity, but do not buy one which is too big or too small. If you need a two door refrigerator, sacrifice some space for it. If not, a medium size refrigerator with some extra utility space will be fine. Ensure you have ample counter top space to maneuver when you prepare your meals. A 1 meter counter top is a good and comfortable area to work in. For kitchen stoves, you can either get an electric stove, orĀ  a portable electric stove if you are not a vivid chef and seldom cook in your kitchen. The best part of a portable electric stove is that you can tuck it away when not in use, or you can still try out the best lasagna recipe when you need to.

For the design elements, you have to take care of the contrast between the kitchen wall tiles and the cabinets, and color is often a good way to amplify contrast. Choose a color for your kitchen cabinets which pops out when you set your eyes on them. A dark red cabinet creates an excellent contrasts with white tiled walls, whereas a white kitchen with white cabinets seems dull and quiet. Another good designing tip is to make your small kitchen bright. Install bright lighting to lighten up whole kitchen and make your kitchen looks bigger. A well situated ceiling light is good enough to make the kitchen seems more spacious. You can place additional wall lights if you want to increase the effect.