The 3 Best Boating Games for Kids Big or Small and Young or Old!

Introducing your child to boating as early as possible is one good way of guaranteeing that they will learn about adapting to the water at an early age. While young they can learn that they have nothing to fear from the water and that they can learn a lot from it. One good way of keeping them familiar and comfortable in the water is by letting them play some boating games. These games can teach them the tricks and secrets of sailing while still having some fun. Most boating games for kids are based on paddling and letting them play with their imagination. One thing to remember though is that no matter what type of game that your kids engage in, you have to make sure that they are wearing a life jacket at all times when they are on board the boat. Here are some of the best boating games that you can teach to your kids:

Sharks and Minnows

This game is normally played on land but it is a lot more fun to play it while on water by using some small canoes that your kids can ride in. You need a group of kids in kayaks and then line them up in the center of a small lake or river. Split them into two teams, one for the sharks, the other is for the minnows. After a signal from you, the sharks will have to chase after the minnows and try to tag them with their paddles. If you are a minnow and you get tagged then you turn into shark and you start chasing the remaining minnows. The last minnow remaining is the winner.

Boat Paddling Course

This game is specially designed to develop the skills of the kids when it comes to paddling. Place a couple of buoys on the river or lake as markers. Make sure that the distance is not too much for the children or too short as not to be any challenge. Create a finish line and line up all the kids there with their own kayak. On your signal they have to start to paddle as fast as they can towards the markers, and then they have to make a full turn around each marker before going back. First one to reach the starting point again wins.

Bail Out Boat Game

This game teaches about safety and what they need to do in cases of emergency. Get a raft and take it into the middle of the lake if not too deep, or at least some place where the water is waist deep. Fill the raft with water so that it is half full then let the kids start bailing it out using cups. Time them as to who is the fastest.

These are all fun boating games that your kids can learn which will help them in becoming more familiar with boats and the water. They can have lots of fun and learn a lot of things at the same time by playing these games. So start teaching your kids these games now!