Laser Liposuction Is Considered Safe

Is your self confidence affected by the presence of fats in your belly, back, thighs or hips? The cosmetic world offers various options for you. Liposuction also known as lipoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes fats through suctioning. However, the effects may not be instant as it depends in various factors like the thickness of fats to be removed and the area of treatment.
Liposuction has different types, but the most advance is the laser liposuction. Due to its availability worldwide, wide array of people are subjecting themselves in this procedure. This type of liposuction is proven to be safe and effective. It is FDA approved, so the practice is safe to be done to public. However, not all people are qualified to undergone this procedure. Although it is less invasive, patients with heart or artery problems, as well as blood dyscrasias are not advised for surgery to prevent future complications. Thorough medical checkup is done prior to laser liposuction to ensure the patient’s condition. In addition, this procedure is less invasive; hence, there is lower risk for infection and bleeding. The recovery phase is faster compared to any traditional technique, and the patient can go back on his normal daily routine two to three hours after the surgery. Moreover, the operation is done in an outpatient basis. Traumas and bruises are less likely to happen, and the patient does not have any restrictions in activities, so hospitalization is unnecessary.
Laser liposuction cost varies on the region of the body, hospital facilities use and the skills of the doctor. Based on the figures given by the plastic surgeons, the average cost in upper and lower abdomen is the most expensive as it reaches as high as $10, 000. Laser liposuction has various types, so it is necessary to consult a plastic surgeon for you to have an estimate amount base on your body and plan of changes.