You can Make Your Own Personalized Name Necklace

A personalized name necklace can be one of the best gifts that you can give your loved ones. It is fashionable and has that certain personal touch which makes it very special. This kind of jewelry is carefully being customized by jewelers to make sure that the person who will receive it will love the necklace especially that it has their name on it. Personalized name necklace can be affordable and expensive depending on the materials used for the necklace. Jewelers can give you advices on which materials to use that will fit your budget.

But if you want to make it personal and would like to add some of your creativity to the necklace, you can make your own personalized name necklace. This idea can also be affordable and convenient for you. You just need a few things to make your special gift to your loved ones. You will need some beads, clasp, string and letter beads. First thing to decide on is which type of beads you would like to put on your necklace. Beads may come in different sizes, colors and shapes. You may also use other materials like clay, glass or wooden beads for more style. You can now choose the letters that will make up the name of the person who will receive the necklace. Make sure that the letters match the beads you have chosen. The necklace should be appealing to the eyes.

Now start putting in the beads to the string. Once you are halfway through, add in the letters then fill in with beads again. You can use gemstones like ruby or emerald if you have a bigger budget but the beads alone can make a beautiful necklace already. Gemstones can add color and texture to the necklace and it will also look expensive. Add in designs or effects if you want. Just make sure that the necklace will look perfect for the person who will receive it.

Your personalized name necklace does not need to be expensive. The most important thing is that you have exerted the effort to do the necklace for the persons you love. This type of necklace is usually worn by young ladies and girls who love color and design. You do not need to get a jeweler to make this type of necklace as it can be easily done at your home. Your loved ones will surely appreciate your effort for making them a special necklace.