Making Your Own Winter Statement

While the weather is not daunting and intimidating in winter, most of the time it is fun, with glimpses of sun and light snow to make your day sunny. Comfort should be your highest priority, followed closely by sweetness and style. Wool and cashmere garments keep you warm, but you should pay attention to their colorful and seasonal trends to spice things up. Beige, white, and black sweater vest are often seen as the colors of winter. By applying a dash of purple, red and green in the combination, your wardrobe will be able to provide many options to cater your fashion sense. A red scarf, light sweaters over sized hot, August silk sweaters, tight jerseys and all the great coats add that extra bit of character.

Black color winter boots are as dominating in fashion for decades. Trying to keep your feet happy is another complicated point to consider. These shoes can be worn in winter if the weather persists. Simple points to round toe shapes, this season you can dabble in a variety of colors and designs, adding that further details in your daily use. For ladies, the high-heeled boots add further to punch either the workplace or a Christmas party.

Pants also need to flatter the lower part of your body, especially if you wear a long coat or jacket as this is rarely done. The skirts are famous during winter and you are allowed to wear leggings and tights inside with various colors and prints to give you a seductive look. Look for accessories that can provide shining and colorful appearance such as scarves, belts, gloves, sweatshirts, hats and catchy jewelry. Celebrity silk and sequins are the other big deals in this season. Dresses belts and pockets can also create a stylish statement. Be selective and choose the attires which are able to portray the real you.