Useful Tips When Designing A Functional and Efficient Walk-In Shower

Elevate your bathroom experience by deciding to look at stylish and functional walk-in showers. The addition of this kind of shower area will surely allow you to create an ultimate get away within your home. Have a more invigorating and appealing bathing experience by indulging into a nice and relaxing shower. Designing a walk-in style shower is fairly easy. All you need is an applicable design plan to effectively carry out the actual construction.

To help you do that, here are some great tips that will surely be of great help to you.

Consider enhancing the size of the walk in shower area. A spacious shower would give the feeling of roominess on your bathroom space. But of course, it is vital to plan out the design of the walk-in shower accordingly since not all are lucky to have a big bathroom area. As a rule of thumb, you have to allot at least 40 to 42 inches of width in the walk in area. It would be a great idea to get the precise measurement of the available space so you can effectively decide how much space you can designate for the walk-in shower.

Determine what accents and accessories you should use. To produce maximum effect, it is best to place all the decorative borders and tile accents on eye-level. As for the accessories, equip your shower area with essential bathroom items, like a soap dispenser, shower heads, handicap shower seats (for elderly and disable family members), grab bars, and towel holder. Also, make sure to opt for non-skid flooring for your walk-in shower to avoid slipping accidents.

Plan out where the plumbing and drain should go. When building a walk in shower, it is very important that you know where the plumbing and drain lines will be installed. If you already have an existing plumbing and drain line, make certain that they will fit the design of your new shower area.