Which Samsung LED TV is Worth Buying?

All of them. Seriously though, most Samsung TV sets are manufactured to strict quality standards and contain TFT panels from one of the best sources, Samsung itself. With the immense amount of practice the company has at making flat screen televisions, I would be comfortable telling a relative, when they’re looking for a new TV, to look at what Samsung and Sony has and they’ll find something they like.

This is not very helpful in the process of deciding on the exact model, however, so I took the time and looked at a few sets that are worth some time and consideration.

First, you need to decide on the screen size. Be realistic, you budget greatly affects the size of TV you afford, there is just no use going out shopping for a 64″ monster with $1,000 in your pocket. If you have that much, you’re already shopping in the mid-range of Samsung LED tvs, though, so there is no need to be worried. For example, the LN40C630 is a model that ‘little’ money can buy while it’s still not a bad one. It might be my thing, but I really don’t suggest anyone buy hd-ready tvs, when full HD resolution is so easily accessible on even the low-cost models.

The LN40C630 is not the cheapest Samsung LED TV, mostly because it’s not LED backlit. With $1,000 you can’t really have everything this model offers, and LEDs, but with $1,300 you can get a UN46C6300, which is 6″ bigger and LED driven. The 630 is not a bad set, the UN46C6300 is just better, by about as much as much more it costs. Both are proper choices for their price range and are to be looked at when you consider spending a grand on a new set. I’d probably save some money, and go straight for the latter, because of its size and I just can’t stop loving the image quality of LED TFT. Even my laptop screen has it, they’re that good.