Types of outdoor string lighting available for your home

Are you planning on having your friends and family over to your home for outdoor events more often now that summer has finally arrived and winter is gone? If the answer is yes, you might need to add more lighting to your deck or patio so everyone will be able to see once the sun goes down. Not only will adding outdoor lights make your patio safer, keeping everyone from tripping in the dark, nothing improves the atmosphere of a family event or party like a few decorative colored string lights draped over your deck or porches railings.

The easiest way to quickly add outdoor lights to your home is by using outdoor string lighting. String lights are easy to use, inexpensive to purchase (you can a few strands for as little as twenty dollars at your local home improvement store), and come in many designs so you’ll find a type that matches your home’s exterior easily.

Outdoor string lights come in three basic categories.

The original types of string lighting are incandescent flood lights that are typically used to highlight points of interest in your yard or trees and shrubs. These have been around for years and were the first types of landscape lights that were available to homeowners looking to add lighting to their homes exterior. Manufacturers such as minka lavery outdoor lighting products still make and sell them today because they are dependable lights that have been tested by time. But they are rapidly being replaced by solar and led string lights by homeowners who not only want to save electricity costs but want to have environmentally friendly lights as well.

Solar outdoor string lighting systems are becoming more popular with homeowners because solar panel manufacturers have figured out how to make them much smaller than they used to be in the last fifteen years. They have also been able to make them more efficient that they used to be, so they now will stay lit all night after a good days charge in the sun. Not only do you save money by using solar lights (they use no electricity from your home to operate), but they are the easiest type of lights to use and are perfect for placing in spots in your yard that aren’t easily reached by an outdoor outlet.

The third most common type of string lights are led string lights. These are becoming more popular with homeowners because not only are they energy efficient (they cost less than incandescent lighting systems to run) but they are also brighter than lights of the same size. This enables you to buy fewer lights, saving you money that way as well. They also last up to five times longer than incandescent lights so you won’t need to replace the bulbs as often.