All you need to know about bras and shelf bras

I will write in this article all you need to know about bras, shelf bras and backless bras. Altough lots of women say buying a bra is quite a simple task, in reality is quite complex because of the large variety of options involved.

Foremost, the most important thing to consider when buying any type of bra is knowing your correct size. Knowing your size is essential both comfort, growing and confidence.

What if I don’t get my bra size right?

First and most important thing is that you lose your money. After that a bad fitting bra can cause tons of problems such as tension, headaches even sexual problems. One of the best things to be sure you are wearing the right bra is to consider a lingerie consultant, at least twice a year. Altough 90% of women don’t even consider this option, because it’s costly, consulting a lingerie consultant is necessary.

Which bra type is the best for you?

There are tons of different bras on the market like training bras – especially good for small girls that don’t have a standard size yet. If your breast aren’t big enough, yet you have a small age, buying a training bra is a good option.

What about full support? These type of bras have an under wire support to hold them properly. It doesn’t matter what breast size you have, any girl can wear these

What about push up? One of the best things about push up or padded bras is that they lift the breasts, yet provide shape and make them look fuller. Finally, if you want something with proper support, give push up breasts a try.

Moreover, if you want something sexy, but with no proper support, consider a shelf bra. If you are athletic, consider a sports bra. This are also good enough for teens, but also for women having athletic activity.