A Commercial Fridge Is A Large Investment

A commercial fridge is a big investment for a business.  It is a big investment at the beginning; when purchases; and a big investment every month when the power bill comes in.  Even the small domestic refrigerators everyone is familiar with often consume at least twenty percent of a household’s energy bill.  Walk in coolers are expensive and hard to replace if parts are broken.  Maintenance is also a huge part of dealing with refrigerators.

On the other hand; most large refrigerators last longer than domestic refrigerators; even when taking into the account that they are used much more frequently.  A household refrigerator door is opened and closed an average of twenty to thirty times a day in a house with a family of four.  With less people; it is opened far less times.  A commercial door is opened and closed one hundred times a day or more; depending on what business that particular refrigerator is being used for.  Even with that in mind; commercial models often last for seven to twelve years without any major maintenance problems if well cared for; and after that only need a few maintenance repairs; where a domestic refrigerator with the same problems would need to be replaced.

One way to cut down on the cost of buying a large refrigerator is to buy it as a DIY kit.  While the cost of the refrigeration mechanism itself may be slightly more expensive; the rest of the machine’s price being far cheaper makes up for it.  Another way to save money is to only get as much refrigerator as you need.  Getting an overly large refrigerator will cost you at the beginning because the refrigerator is too big; and will cost you again every month because the bill is too big. Make sure the door has a replaceable kick plate; and remember to clean the fan and compressor and your refrigerator will do your business nicely for a long time.