Where to Get a Free Template for Your Newsletter

Getting an attractive template for your newsletter is essential because it makes it look more professional. There are several methods that you can take to getting such a design. You may, for instance, choose to create this attractive template on your own. This will be a lot easier to do if you have some basic understanding of how an HTML editor works. You will need this because most newsletter templates are created in an HTML format.

Since you will be formatting your template in HTML, you need to learn how to use an HTML editor. You will not need to learn HTML unless you choose to. After all, you can use an HTML editor without mastering HTML. To get familiar with your HTML editor, you need to spend some time to go through some of its tutorials. You will usually find both text and video tutorials.

Some newsletter publishers may not be willing to take the trouble of learning how to use HTML editors or anything else. They just want a good-looking newsletter design that they can apply to their newsletter immediately. If you are in such a position, you may consider using a free newsletter template. There are several web design services giving away readymade templates for newsletter publishers. Browse through their templates and find a good one.

After you find a candidate template, you can download it and start using it immediately. You may equally choose to customize the template in your editor to make it unique and more professional. Customizing a readymade email newsletter design is a lot easier than creating one from scratch. Open your template in your HTML editor and start tweaking and modifying it until you are satisfied with its new look. The main things that you may want to change include the header, background color, footer and columns width. You may also change anything else.