Mobile phones are a lifeline

The mobile phone the human being’s most treasured possession. Without it millions are cut off from the their families and friends. With the rapid diversification of the Telecom industry, this has resulted in mobile phone prices to collapse. You can now get a mobile phone for 10 pence. However you will need to get a £10 top up with that phone. So the total price will be £10.10 which is not bad considering a few years ago a mobile phone would have cost you the Earth.

What about if you wanted to call your family and friends who live in Ghana. Calling Ghana does not have to be an expensive and frightful affair. In the past you may have had large and unexpected bill from your mobile phone provider but now there is no need to worry. Help is at hand. Using the Internet you can make really cheap calls to Thailand and the rest of the world. VoIP is the technology that allows people to communicate for free. If you have a PC and broadband you can get talking in minutes. There are no hidden extra charges like when you use a calling card.
Now that Apple has brought out Face Time – a technology that allows video calling to anyone who has a iPhone.

Just as long as you are in range of a WI Fi hot spot you can make video calls. There are many calling plans on the market that facilitate cheap international calls. Some come with offers of Cash Back when a contract is purchased. One thing to note with cash back offers is you will need to submit your mobile bills in plenty of time to get the cash back.

As international calls are becoming more affordable to the general public, this means that more people will be looking to update their broadband and higher speeds that facilitates better video calling.