curtain rods: the forgotten window accessory

Window accessory’s are designed to enhance the look of your home or and living area’s overall look. Silk curtains and others have been around for quite some time. Curtains were used to improve and enhance the large window areas of home living areas for centurys. Curtains and drapes became popular in the early 19th century. Curtains were often used to enhance the large window areas of middle class homes. Not only were curtains used for keeping out drafts during cold months, but is also great for blocking the sun during those really hot months. Curtain rods come in three different types and are fairly inexpensive for the homemaker.

The sash rod, widely known as the standard rod consists of a thin metal tube which can be placed into a matching tube. The curtain is then placed over the tube, allowing the curtain to hang. The rod is attached to the window sill then is nailed into the window sill.

The spring rod is another type of rod that is spring loaded. This means that they don’t need to be attached by a clip to the window, but they still have to be held in place by the window sill.

The third type of rod is the decorative rod. These come in many different materials and designs. These rod are usually round poles held by a hook to the outer edge of the window sill. When looking for these types of rods you are going to want to check for craftsmanship more than the price. With a little looking you can find a good design for a much reasonable price.

Remember to mind your spending as you buy rods. Decorator and metal rods can be very expensive, and you may need to buy a few rods. Whatever curtain rod you may decided to buy have fun and enjoy your home decorating.